FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

The routing/transit number is 291 580 559.

You will need the full membership account number or the full 14-digit share draft (checking) account number, along with the routing number. Stop in at the credit union today to receive an easy reference of your information.

You will need to request a password from a Member Service Representative by calling 715-748-5303 or 844-430-5572 or visiting any Peoples Choice Credit Union branch.  Hover your mouse over the Login in the upper right corner of our website. The Online Banking Secure Login will appear. Enter your member number into the username field (Your member number was provided when you opened your account.) It will automatically redirect you to It’sMe247 Online Banking site to complete the login process. You will then type in your password. Once logged in it will take you through the steps of resetting your password, accepting the terms of online banking, and setting up security questions.

Your debit card will work until the last day of the month that it is set to expire. A replacement card will be mailed to you mid-month of the last month, to your address on file with Peoples Choice Credit Union. If you change your address, please visit any branch and verify we have the most current address.

The credit union will change your address upon signed written request. Please mail your request to Peoples Choice Credit Union, PO Box 567, Medford, WI 54451.

Printable Change of Address form

You are able to update your address by logging into It’sMe247 Online Banking. You are able to edit your information by selecting Personal Information within the Info Center menu.

During any statement period, the federal government regulates that you may not make more than six withdrawals or transfers from your share/savings to another credit union account of yours’ or to a third party by means of a preauthorized, automatic, or computer transfer or telephonic order of instruction. No more than three of the six transfers may be made by check, draft, debit card (if applicable), or similar order to a third party.

The following list, in each occurrence, would count as one of these transactions:

  1. A transfer request from Share to Anther Share (savings) or Share Draft (checking)
  2. Overdraft transfers
  3. ACH debits from Share (savings)

Since this regulation applies to share/savings accounts, you may want to consider transferring some of your automatic payments or other unsigned transactions to a share draft/checking account.

If you need to keep a check from clearing your account, please stop in any branch or call a Member Service Representative at 715-748-5303 or 844-430-5572.

If you lose or believe that your Debit Card may have been stolen, you may call 800-472-3272 so that we may cancel the card.

To protect your account, we monitor debit card transactions for suspicious activity. This may include transactions in locations that vary from the norm for which your card would be blocked. If you are taking a trip, please call a Member Service Representative at 715-748-5303 or 844-430-5572 and discuss your traveling plans.

If your E-Statements are not showing up on your current browser, try using a different web browser, such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc. If you’re still experiencing technical issues with other browsers, please call 715-748-5303 or 844-430-5572.

Yes. We must have your authorization in writing along with your account number, routing/transit number of the other financial institution and payment information.

Printable ACH Authorization form

Through our E-statements in It’sMe247 Online Banking, you are able to view and print out the last 18 months’ worth of statements. Copies of past statements are available at $3.00 per statement from the credit union. To request a copy of a previous statement you may call us at 715-748-5303 or 844-430-5572 and provide us with your name, account number and statement months you require.

Because we image our checks, we can obtain the image through It’sMe247 Online Banking by searching the history on the account and selecting View Check. Copies of additional cleared checks are available at $2.00 per check. In order to receive them promptly, please provide us with your account number, the check number, the amount of the check, and the date the item was posted to your account. You may request a copy at any of our branch locations or by calling 715-748-5303 or 844-430-5572.

The correct endorsement should read:

For mobile deposit only to Peoples Choice Credit Union
Member Number