Peoples Choice Credit Union offers so many additional services to help our members meet their financial needs. Check out some of those additional services below.

Peoples Choice Credit Union offers two different ATMs for our members. They are located at each branch.

Medford’s ATM is a drive up ATM. It is located on the North side of the building. It can be accessed by driving through the drive up area.

Gilman’s ATM is a walk up ATM. It is located on the East side of the building on the deck area.

Peoples Choice Credit Union Debit Mastercards are part of the Alliance One ATM network. Alliance One, a nationwide group of select- surcharge ATMs, gives you the power to access your money on your own terms.

Using any one of the convenient ATMs across the U.S., including the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, you can access your accounts without being charged a foreign ATM surcharge.

After all, shouldn’t that money be yours to keep?

Use the ATM Locator to find an Alliance One ATM near you.

Set up direct transfers using online banking or ask any of our Member Service Representatives to get it set up. Automatic Funds Transfer is a feature that automatically performs member transfers on a recurring basis. Transfers can be made from one account to another, or even between different members/memberships. With this option, a member can: automatically make loan payments from a checking or savings account, transfer money regularly to another member’s savings account, make regular deposits into a Christmas Club, IRA/HSA contributions, or secondary savings account.

Let us help you save time and money by setting up automatic payments to your loan accounts. This gives you peace of mind that your payment has been made and can save you money off of interest depending on payment scheduling.

Automatic Funds Transfer

Automatic Funds Transfer is a feature that automatically performs member transfers on a recurring basis. With this option, a member can: automatically make loan payments from a checking or savings account, transfer money regularly from a savings account to another member’s  account, or make regular deposits into a Christmas Club, IRA/HSA contribution or secondary savings account.

Payroll Deduction

Payroll deduction is a feature that automatically performs member transfers when an associated ACH credit is performed on an account. This allows the transfer to occur from one account to another immediately when the deposit is posted. Transfers only occur when the deposit comes in and is more than the requested transfer amount.

This feature is only tied to one designated deposit; therefore, if you change employers or the employer changes their payroll name the transfer will not occur because it will not recognize that it is your payroll deposit. If this occurs please contact one of our loan officers today and they will be able to assist with the transfer and processing for future payments.

ACH from another Financial

Peoples Choice Credit Union is able to initiate transfers from another financial onto a loan payment. Payments can be arranged for the following days of the month: 1st, 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th, every Friday, or every other Friday. The credit union will not initiate on any other date or schedule. If the date of the payment lands on a weekend or Federal holiday, the payment will be pulled on the following weekday.

You can have direct access to your credit union accounts with just one phone call. CU*Talk, our telephone banking system, which makes taking care of your credit union business faster, easier and safer! Because you can now get around-the-clock access to your accounts, this service is perfect for today’s busy lifestyles. Whether you’re at home, at work, or thousands of miles away, CU*Talk puts your accounts right at your fingertips.

All you need to contact CU*Talk is a touch-tone phone, your member number, and your Personal Identification Number (PIN) – Password for CU*Talk. Now you are all set to take care of business!


  • Review account balances.
  • Verify the date and amount of your transactions, including deposits, withdrawals, transfers and payments.
  • Verify whether certain checks have cleared.
  • Transfer funds between accounts.
  • Make loan payments.
  • Check current rates.
  • Change your Personal Identification Number (PIN) – Password for CU*Talk.
  • Obtain annual dividend and interest information.

Step-by-step instructions make it easy to use CU*Talk:

  1. Using your touch-tone phone, call: 1-855-847-1726
  2. You will be asked to enter your member number. Then press the # key. Next, you will be prompted to punch in your Personal Identification Number (PIN) – Password for CU*Talk. Enter your PIN and press the # key. Be careful–if you enter the PIN incorrectly three times, your PIN will be disabled. You must contact the credit union directly for reactivation. First Time Users – Ask a Member Service Representative for your temporary PIN. For security purposes, after you enter the system, you will be prompted to change your PIN – Password for CU*Talk.
  3. From this point on, the CU*Talk procedure will vary depending on the transactions you wish to complete. CU*Talk will guide you through each step. Hint: This first set of options includes a brief tutorial (press “0”) with tips and hints for using the system. You can press * to return to the main menu at any time.

When you have finished your last transaction, simply hang up the phone.

Looking for an easy way to simplify your life? It’sMe247 Bill Pay can help you do just that. With Bill Pay you can receive and pay your bills online with the click of a mouse or through mobile access from your credit union share draft/checking account. Pay any bill, including your house payment, your credit card company – even your babysitter – at any time, from anywhere.


Simply login to It’sMe247 online banking, then click the ‘Pay and Transfer’ icon. The rest is easy! Step-by-step point and click instructions will guide you through enrollment and set up process.


  • Easy to set up – follow simple point and click instructions.
  • Authorize checks to be sent to anyone, from babysitters to utilities.
  • Keeps a payment history register.
  • You can set up recurring payments – like mortgage and car payments or insurance premiums.
  • Schedule payments at your convenience. Some billers can receive next-day payments.
  • Add billers quickly with just an account number, address, phone number, and zip code.
  • No additional sign-on or passwords to remember – just click the ‘Pay and Transfer’ icon from It’sMe247 online banking.
  • Monitors the status of your payments.
  • You have complete control.
  • Schedule reminders and recurring payments.
  • Bill Pay is safe and secure.
  • Access through mobile banking as well.
  • Pay multiple bills at one time.


One of the many benefits of Bill Pay is the ability to receive bills electronically. Not every company is set up to send e-bills yet, but the list is growing every day. To begin receiving e-bills from a payee you’ve already established, simply click on the ‘E-bill’ link next to the biller’s name. Then follow the simple instructions for e-bill setup.

We offer a self-service coin machine to total up your loose change. Deposit the amount directly into your account or receive the funds back in cash. This service is available to non-members for a charge of 5% of the amount of coin.

Corporate Drafts drawn on the credit union are available to members. A $3.00 service fee may apply.

Debit MasterCard gives you a faster, more economical, more convenient way to buy the products and services you need. That’s because it allows you to withdraw funds from you share draft and share savings account without ever having to write out a check or limit you to credit union hours. You can purchase groceries, gas, or anything else. Use your card wherever MasterCard® debit card is accepted. Plus, Debit MasterCard performs all the functions of an ATM card. It’s the checking-withdrawing-depositing-and-transferring-funds card all in one. We offer free Debit MasterCard cards on our share draft accounts. For security purposes, transactions processed as debit are limited to five transactions with a maximum amount of $300.00 per day. Additionally, transactions processed as credit are limited to ten transactions with a maximum amount of $1250.00 per day. Contact a member service representative for requests of any adjustments for planned transactions. As an added safeguard, Peoples Choice Credit Union provides a cap on your liability if your card is lost or stolen. See disclosures for additional details on the Debit MasterCard.

Peoples Choice Credit Union is NCUA and your money is back by the US Government

Your savings federally insured to at least 250,000 and backed by the full faith and credit of the United States Government. NCUA, National Credit Union Administration, a U.S. Government Agency.

Peoples Choice Credit Union is federally insured by NCUA.

The National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund is the federal fund created by Congress in 1970 to insure member’s deposits in federally insured credit unions. Administered by the National Credit Union Administration, provides members with at least $250,000 of insurance at a federally insured credit union. The Share Insurance Fund is backed by the full faith and credit of the United States. Credit union members have never lost a penny of insured savings at a federally insured credit union.

Learn how your deposits are insured by clicking here.

Direct deposit transfers your paycheck directly into your account, so you never have to worry about lost, stolen, or misplaced checks. Contact a Member Service Representative today for your account information for your employer. Stop worrying or running to the credit union each pay period and focus on all of the things that matter in your life.

As a certified DMV agent, we can process certain title transactions and renewals. This service is also available to non-members, but payment accepted may vary. Call a Member Service Representative today for more information.

E-Alerts are easy to set up!   They alert you if certain conditions exist on your account, for example that your account balance has fallen below a certain level or that your loan payment is due, you will see your E-Alerts in your Message Center in Online Banking.  From the Message Center, select ‘eAlert Subscription’s to create your E-Alert.

NOTE: Balance E-Alerts are usually sent about every half hour, although this can vary occasionally based on system activity levels. Other E-Alerts are scheduled according to the type of activity.

You can select from the following four options. A valid email is required to receive email notifications or if you select “send complete alert via email only.”   Enrollment in text banking is required to receive text alerts.

  • Only Secure Message Center – If you select this option, you will only receive an alert in your Secure Message Center. No email notification is sent.
  • Secure Message Center with email reminder- If you select this option, you will receive an email notification alerting you that you have received an alert and that you should log onto your Secure Message Center to read it.
  • Send complete alert via email only – If you select this option, you will receive fuller details of the alert directly in the email, including the reason for the alert, the nickname or suffix associated with the alert and the time the alert was activated. No personal information, such as name or account number will be sent in the alert message.  If you select this option, your alert in the Secure Online Banking Center will be marked as “Read” and will be deleted after 30 days. NOTE:  E-Notices do not offer this alert option.
  • Send a message to my mobile device(s): Available only if you are enrolled in text banking.  Select this option to have your E-Alert sent as a text to your mobile device enrolled in text banking.  NOTE: For E-Notice alerts, the text will alert you that an E-Notice is available in the secure online banking message center.

A special kind of E-Alert will activate E-Notices. E-notice is the notifications that are sent by the credit union. They include but are not limited to overdraft, non-sufficient funds, or past due loan notifications.

If a member is interested in the credit cards offered, please follow the link to the Elan website where all the choices are listed.

Click Here.

If a member would like to pay on their existing Elan credit card, please follow the link to Elan Cardmember Services website.

Click Here.

Get your statements when you want them, online. No paper to shred, no one going through your garbage helping protect you against identity theft.

Here’s How

Use the E-Statements Enrollment page to sign up to receive your credit union account statements electronically through It’sMe247 online banking. E-Statements give you access to up to 18 months’ worth of account statements, so that you can view, print, or even save them to your local computer if you wish.

Choose the enrollment option you wish from the list at the bottom of the page. Enter your email address, then click Accept. You can immediately view your statements now, or return to online banking at a later time and click the ‘eStatements’ button on the navigation bar.

Separate help will be available while viewing your statements, to explain the E-Statement viewing and printing options.

A notification email will be sent to you each month or quarter (depending on when you would normally receive your account statement). For security reasons, the statement itself will not be attached to the email; you must log in to online banking to view statements from our secure server.

If you have already signed up for E-Statements, you can use this page to change the enrollment option you’ve selected, or un-enroll completely so that you will begin receiving your statement via the regular mail again as before.

Money orders are available to members for amounts up to $1,000.00. A $3.00 service fee will apply.

Members have the ability to drop off daily cash and check deposits after hours in our night depository to be processed every morning. This provides an additional level of security for our members. Our night depository at our Medford branch is located by the drive-up window. Our night depository at our Gilman branch is located by the walk-up ATM.

Get your documents notarized at any branch of Peoples Choice Credit Union. This service is offered at no charge to our members.

With It’sMe247 Online Banking, you can keep in touch with your credit union accounts any time, from any place life takes you! If you have a computer and a connection to the Internet, you can use It’sMe247 Online Banking to check balances, transfer money, and stay connected with your credit union accounts around the clock. With built-in security and personalization features, It’sMe247 Online Banking lets you access your accounts, your way.

The first time you log in to your accounts in online banking, you’ll need to enter your account number and temporary password. Ask a member service representative for your temporary password. You’ll be required to change the password in order to finish logging in the first time.


  1. Enter in the address line of your browser software.
  2. When our website appears, click the ‘Login’ within the menu bar.
  3. Enter your account number (or username, if you have one) and click ‘Submit’.
  4. Enter your password and click ‘Submit’. If you have logged in before, you will also need to answer one of your chosen security questions, now.
  5. First time users, follow the instructions on your screen to change your temporary password and set up your security questions and other settings.
  6. When the It’sMe247 screen appears, you are in!

*If you are an owner on more than one credit union membership, ask us about setting up controls to make it easy to see or jump between your accounts in online banking.

*To change your login from your account number to a username, log in to online banking, click ‘Info Center’, then ‘My Preferences’, then select ‘Username Options’ and follow the easy instructions.


  • Apply for a loan
  • Check your account balances
  • View the date and amount of your transactions including deposits, withdrawals, transfers, and payments
  • Verify that certain checks have cleared
  • Read messages from the credit union
  • Stop payment on a check
  • View your statements online by signing up for E-statements under “Documents”
  • Pay bills online with It’sMe247 Bill Pay
  • View images of cleared checks
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Download transaction information to your money management software (such as QuickBooks)
  • Make loan payments from funds in your accounts
  • Set up or change automatic transfers
  • Withdraw funds in the form of a check
  • Set up e-Alerts and sign up for e-Notices
  • Assign nicknames to your accounts
  • Review loan payoff amounts and due dates
  • Check current loan, savings, and certificate rates
  • Open additional savings accounts (Secondary Share and Christmas Club)
  • Open a certificate of deposit
  • Change your password and security questions
  • Notify the credit union of your new address or phone number
  • Choose personal preferences such as background color, photo album, and starting page
  • View annual dividend and interest information

Peoples Choice Credit Union offers two different options for members to order checks from at a low cost. Initial orders must be made through the credit union. Contact a Member Service Representative today.

Reorders are able to be processed online at the following websites:

Checks-for-Less (Bank-a-count)

Check Printing Solutions

Transfer Overdraft Protection

Overdraft Transfer is the first overdraft protection that occurs. It is a transfer that takes place between your accounts at the credit union to cover any transactions that may clear given enough funds are available to transfer to cover the transactions. When the credit union receives an item for payment that causes the balance in your account to go below zero and there are funds available in your savings (or other designated accounts), it will transfer the amount required to cover the transaction and the $5.00 fee for the transfer. This will allow the transaction to clear and not drop your account balance negative. No fee is charged when funds are transferred from a Kwik Cash loan.

Courtesy Pay Limit             

Courtesy Pay is a non-contractual courtesy that Peoples Choice Credit Union may provide to our members with share draft/checking accounts, 30 days after account opening if your account is not negative during that time. We may cover insufficient funds checks, electronic funds transfers, or other payment/withdrawal requests up to your approved limit. This means that instead of returning a check to the merchant, the credit union may pay your check up to the maximum $250.00 limit including any fee being accessed, saving you additional charges from the merchant or a collection agency. We will charge a $25.00 fee for each item, and send you a notice each time an overdraft occurs. You must bring your account positive within 30 days or service may be revoked.

Reg E Overdraft Coverage (ATM/Debit card transactions)

Peoples Choice Credit Union does not authorize and pay overdrafts for ATM or everyday debit card transactions unless member requests it to be done. When the credit union receives an item for payment from ATM/debit card transactions that would cause the balance in your account to go below zero, we may, as an extension of the courtesy pay limit, pay the debit up to $250.00 including the overdraft fee. You must bring your account positive within 30 days or service may be revoked.

Peoples Choice Credit Union offers Payment Protection policies that can help you make your monthly loans payments if you become disabled due to injury or illness. Payment Protection offers coverage until you are no longer disabled or payoff your loan balance in full up to the policy maximum in the event of death.

Payment Protection, provides:

  • Credit Life insurance for up to $30,000 or your loan balance, whichever is less. Terms, conditions, and restrictions may apply.
  • Credit Disability insurance to protect against disability of the insured borrower. The benefit will make the payment amount up to $600 per month, per loan, during the disability period. Terms, conditions, and restrictions may apply.

Contact a loan officer at 715-748-5303 or 844-430-5572 for more information.

Person to Person transfers allow you to send a transfer via email or text message to any person.  You must be enrolled in It’sMe247 Bill Pay in order to have this option available.


  1. To make a P2P transfer select the ‘Pay Anyone’ button from the ‘Pay & Transfer’ drop-down menu.
  2. On the screen enter the information needed to send a message to the recipient. Under Send Method select either Email or Text Message.  Required information will be conditional based on this selection.   The Question and Answer section includes a space for you to enter a security question and its answer.   Only the question is sent to the recipient in the text or email.  For security purposes you must relay the answer yourself in a separate communication.
  3. Once the information is entered, click the Send Payment button.
  4. A message is sent immediately to the recipient. You will also receive a confirmation email.


As long at the recipient has not yet collected on the P2P payment, the payment can be cancelled.

  1. To cancel a payment click the ‘Payment History’ button.
  2. Click the red X next to the P2P transfer you wish to cancel. (NOTE:  At this point the recipient has already been sent a message.)

Both you and the recipient will receive notification that the transfer has been cancelled.

Receive banking information in a convenient way by texting your credit union at IM247(46247)! Stay informed with real-time text alerts.


  • Send a text message command to receive text message replies regarding the balance of your savings, checking, certificate, and loan accounts.
  • Enroll in e-Alerts and receive notices regarding account balances, electronic deposits, withdrawals, or when a payment is due.


You can enroll in text banking by hovering over the ‘Go Mobile’ button on the It’sMe247 toolbar. Then click ‘Text Banking’ to access the enrollment screens. After enrollment, text commands to IM247(46247).

For text banking frequently asked questions and text commands, click here.

Insurance benefits and discounts are available just for being a credit union member. Enjoy the perks of membership and automatically get $1000.00 of no-cost Accidental Death and Dismemberment coverage when you enroll. Also available are Life, Auto, Property and Health Insurance. Find out how to qualify by calling 1-855-292-3216 or visit truSTAGE’s website today by clicking here.

Peoples Choice Credit Union is able to redeem your U.S. Savings Bonds Series EE, Series I, and Series HH. If you are interested in purchasing U.S. Savings Bonds, visit Treasury Direct by clicking here.

Easy to buy, easy to use! We offer the option of VISA gift cards for one time use. Gift cards can be used wherever VISA is accepted. There is a $3.00 purchase price per gift card. Funds of $10.00 or above can be placed onto the gift card. Makes a great gift!

Getting ready for a trip or ordering online from websites that you are not able to verify as safe? We offer the option of VISA Travel Money cards that are reloadable and great for travel or online purchases. Travel Money cards can be used wherever VISA is accepted. There is a $10.00 purchase price and a $2.00 fee to reload additional funds onto the card. Minimum amount of $100.00 per load onto travel money card. Track your card and access your account by clicking here.

We provide incoming and outgoing wire transfer services for our members. For an incoming wire, a $10.00 fee applies. For an outgoing wire, a $25.00 fee applies. For outgoing wires, complete information about the receiving institution and account is needed, including wiring instructions. Contact a Member Service Representative to learn more about this service.