Unexpected expenses can make life stressful. We know the importance of assisting our members in the short term with life’s bumps. Maybe a small personal loan is the right option for you. Contact our Loan Department for details.


Looking to simplify by combining your credit cards and other personal loans into one easy payment? Let us help you get started. We can use the equity in your vehicle or home to secure the loan or maybe offer a signature personal loan. Contact our Loan Department for details.


Protect your most important asset—your health—when medical costs threaten your budget. A Medical Loan with Peoples Choice can be used to cover your medically related expenses, from dental to doctors, and supplies to surgery. Take the stress away and apply today.

Energy Efficiency

Improve the energy efficiency in your home and lower your utility bills with this affordable home improvement loan. Upgrade to energy-efficient home appliances, replace windows and doors, and install energy-saving products.

Easy Application Process

Making the decision to apply for a loan is the difficult part, so we’ve made everything else as simple as possible. There are a number of ways to apply.

Apply over the phone

Call us at 715-748-5303 or 844-430-5572 to apply now or discuss your loan options.

Apply in person

Visit your local branch to fill out a loan application and talk with a loan officer. No appointment necessary.

Apply online

Select the button below to fill out an online loan application. If you are not a member, you are still able to apply through this page.

Additional Services

Let us help you save time and money by setting up automatic payments to your loan accounts. This gives you peace of mind that your payment has been made and can save you money off of interest depending on payment scheduling.

Automatic Funds Transfer

Automatic Funds Transfer is a feature that automatically performs member transfers on a recurring basis. Transfers can be made from one account to another, or even between different memberships. Loan Payments, HSA contributions and normal share-to-share transfers can all be accomplished through Automatic Funds Transfer.

With this option, a member can: automatically make loan payments from a checking or savings account, transfer money regularly from a savings account to a child’s or spouse’s savings account, or make regular deposits into a Christmas Club or secondary savings account.

Payroll Deduction

Payroll deduction is a feature that automatically performs member transfers when an associated ACH credit is performed on an account. This allows the transfer to occur from one account to another immediately when the deposit is posted. Transfers only occur when the deposit comes in and is more than the requested transfer amount.

This feature is only tied to one designated deposit; therefore, if you change employers or the employer changes their payroll name the transfer will not occur because it will not recognize that it is your payroll deposit. If this occurs please contact one of our loan officers or operations staff and they will be able to assist with the transfer and correction of the processing for the future.

ACH from another Financial

Peoples Choice Credit Union is able to initiate transfers from another financial onto a loan payment. Payments can be arranged for the following days of the month: 1st, 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th, every Friday, or every other Friday. The credit union will not initiate on any other date or schedule. If the date of the payment lands on a weekend or Federal holiday, the payment will be pulled on the following weekday.

Peoples Choice Credit Union offers Payment Protection policies that can help you make your monthly loans payments if you become disabled due to injury or illness. Payment Protection offers coverage until you are no longer disabled or payoff your loan balance in full up to the policy maximum in the event of death. Payment Protection, provides:

  • Credit Life insurance for up to $30,000 or your loan balance, whichever is less. Terms, conditions, and restrictions may apply.
  • Credit Disability insurance to protect against disability of the insured borrower. The benefit will make the payment amount up to $600 per month, per loan, during the disability period. Terms, conditions, and restrictions may apply.

Contact a loan officer at 715-748-5303 or 844-430-5572 for more information.